Collection: Coronal Mass Ejection I & II #Fairmined100 Challenge Collection

The first series of "Coronal Mass Ejection" pendants was created in the gloom of November 2021, the second series in high summer in July 2022. And so, when in November we needed "hope in the dark", a source of energy to operate, in July we are seriously considering the validity of solar engineering and limiting the number of photons reaching the Earth.

Anyway, powerful coronal mass ejections, solar flares and prominences are complex physicochemical processes, but their visual layer is extremely poetic and captivating. It reminded us of the "fire" that can sometimes be seen in the opal...That is why we gave our opals an irregular, plasma-cloud-like setting.

Day after day, we are more and more sure that if we want to enjoy luxury of jewelry, this luxury must be as responsible and good as it is possible. That is why we choose Fairmined and we take part in the challenge.