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Fairmined gold EARRINGS / AQUA DROPS

Fairmined gold EARRINGS / AQUA DROPS

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AQUA DROPS handcrafted stud EARRING like a cool water drop, refreshing you day by day. 

Irregular, organic inspired shape & texture. 

Perfect as everyday UNUSUAL essential. Wear it as classic pair, single, or mismatched with other STUD from the collection.


Oval shaped AQUAMARINE, responsibly mined & cut in small family run operation in Minais Gerais, Brazil. 

Set in hand carved, 14k WHITE Fairmined gold stud EARRINGs


DIMENSIONS: 6 x 5 mm


Why Fairmined gold?

Because it matters to us where and how we get the raw materials.

It matters whether our choice supports people and the environment, protects land and water from contamination, or builds a better, responsible and fairer future.

Gold is a luxury, a pleasure. It is very important that this pleasure and luxury are fully good, and not built on someone else's harm. Fairmined makes us sure it is.



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